Anxious Cows, Schizophrenic Russians, and Mostly-Dead Heroes: Using Literature to Teach Psychology in an Undergraduate General Education Class

Teaching psychology can often be a challenge, in part because it requires students to try to understand difficult concepts, especially those related to psychological disorders.  Incorporating literature helps psychology students understand these concepts, because it allows them to put themselves into the situation of the characters in the literature and to try to perceive what the characters’ lives are like.  This presentation addresses the interdisciplinary exploration of psychology through literature, illustrating the readings (novels, poems, short stories, and plays) that we incorporated in a General Education class and how students used that literature to synthesize psychological information.  We will use the students’ final projects to show how their understanding of literature helped them meet learning outcomes for psychology.  During the presentation, we will provide a compilation of stories, poems, and texts that relate to psychology, and we will brain storm additional ways to teach psychology through the use of literature.

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3:00pm to 3:50pm
Ivy Room

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SETOP 2017