Collaboration Squared: Will It Work to Teach Human Sexuality & Professional Skills?

APA’s Guidelines stress the importance of teaching communication and professional development alongside course content. Group presentation assignments serve multiple functions including providing students an opportunity to learn course material, as well as to collaborate and build oral communication skills. Inter-departmental collaborations may improve student success by teaching these valued professional skills. Students were assigned to develop and deliver a group presentation on an assigned topic related to human sexuality and to attend an appointment with the University’s Center for Writing and Communication. 51 students rated their ability to construct and to present a quality presentation before and after the assignment. Two paired-samples t-tests indicated a significant difference in students’ (1) ability to construct a quality presentation, t(50) = -5.24, p < .001 and (2) presentation delivery skills, t(50) = -5.47, p < .001. Instructors should be encouraged to utilize campus resources in order to support their students with course assignments.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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Teaching and Learning Presentations

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SETOP 2017