How Beneficial and Practical are Program Specializations in Psychology

As part of the Academic Program Review, the psychology faculty decided to revise the psychology major to include a B.A. degree with four specializations.  Prior to the review, the psychology major included the choice of a typical B.A. degree or a B.S. degree, which prepares students for graduate school. The B.S. degree was only offered at University campus. Thus, one goal of the specializations was to increase center and online students’ opportunities. The four specializations include general, developmental, experimental, and clinical/counseling.  Currently, the general and clinical/counseling specializations seem to be the most popular.  However, there are challenges in offering all four specializations across all delivery domains.  For example, it is especially challenging to offer the experimental specialization online and at adult education centers.  The proposed presentation will describe the specializations, discuss delivery and other challenges, and report results of a student survey assessing satisfaction with the new psychology major.    

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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SETOP 2017