The Impact of a One-Hour Weekly Research Laboratory on Student Learning Outcomes in an Undergraduate Introduction to Psychology Course.

This study assessed the value of adding an experiential laboratory to an Introduction to Psychology course.  Attrition, student learning outcomes, course satisfaction, and self-assessed knowledge gained were compared between a 4-credit hour lecture-based course, and a 3+1‑hour lecture-plus-laboratory.  Total contact hours and student demographics were comparable across courses.  Learning outcomes were assessed with identical multiple-choice questions over 6 core concepts:  history and theories, research design and analyses, brain and behavior, learning and memory, development and personality, and mental health.  Course satisfaction and perceived knowledge gained were derived from end-of-semester evaluations.  Benefits of adding laboratories to introductory courses will be discussed.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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Teaching and Learning Presentations

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SETOP 2017