An Investigation of Students’ Metacognitive Reading Strategies and Perceptions of Textbook Reading

The current study will investigate college students’ self-reported metacognitive reading strategies and their perceptions of textbook reading. Data from two different universities will be collected: Stephen F. Austin State University and Sul Ross Rio Grande College. Students from the previously described institutions will be asked to complete two surveys (the Metacognitive Reading Strategies Questionnaire and the Survey of Academic Reading Attitudes), in addition to two open-ended questions. The Metacognitive Reading Strategies Questionnaire is an instrument used to determine the frequency at which individuals use metacognitive strategies while they read. The Survey of Academic Reading Attitudes measures students ‘perceived academic reading behaviors, their explanations for success with academic reading and the value they place on academic reading (Isakson, Isakson, Plummer, & Chapman, 2016). Data will be evaluated to determine relationships between metacognitive reading strategies and student reading attitudes.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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SETOP 2017