Invited Session: Mentoring Undergraduate Research Projects: Effective (and Time-Saving) Strategies

Undergraduate research is a high-impact educational practice that leads to deep learning for students (Kuh, 2008), but it is time-consuming to do well, and a lack of time is a common barrier for faculty mentors (Buddie & Collins, 2011). In this session, we will discuss mentoring strategies that both facilitate high-quality undergraduate research experiences and save time for the faculty member. First, we will brainstorm as a group the strategies we have found to be successful with our undergraduate researchers. Then, I will provide resources that attendees can use to help facilitate high-impact undergraduate research experiences with their students. Time at the end will be reserved for attendees to reflect on their current and aspirational undergraduate research mentoring experiences and to create an action plan for the future.

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1:00pm to 1:50pm
Peachtree Room

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Teaching and Learning Presentations

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SETOP 2017