Invited Session: The Next Generation: Preparing Future Psychology Faculty

Introducing and preparing graduate students to teach and potentially pursue academic positions is done in a variety of ways, including programmatic or departmental programs, specific workshops or courses, an apprenticeship model, or through teaching assistant activities. During doctoral training, especially for students in applied areas of psychology, the main focus is often on research and research-related activities. This often results in students not being fully prepared for teaching in higher education institutions or understanding the professional and career development issues involved when pursuing an academic career. Attention to preparing future faculty in psychology is especially important as the number of psychology doctoral students pursuing an academic career has remained fairly consistent (and relatively low) through the years. This session will highlight activities of the University of Georgia Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) in Psychology program. PFF scholars will discuss the benefits and challenges of the PFF program as well as their own personal growth and development as a result of participanting in the PFF program. 



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3:00pm to 3:50pm
Peachtree Room

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Conference Year

SETOP 2017