Student Descriptions of the Value of College

As students prepare to graduate from college there is a renewed emphasis on their ability to use their education in new environments. The ability to identify skills that can be utilized in one’s career and the confidence in being able to discuss those skills is important to initial post graduation efforts.  The current research surveyed a convenient sample of 12 students in a senior seminar psychology course regarding their views of their education and skills.  Students endorsed the value of college and their confidence in discussing their education. These items were also strongly correlated.  Further, these items were also strongly correlated with the number of skills mentioned, but not correlated with the number of courses and activities that promoted those skills.  In addition, the skills mentioned were largely general in nature, and not specific to potential careers.  These findings will be discussed in terms of course and program development.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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SETOP 2017