The Teacher Behavior Checklist (TBC) 15 Years Later

The Teacher Behavior Checklist (TBC) is a 28-item inventory that defines global qualities and characteristics of master teachers in in terms of specific behavioral anchors.  Since its development 15 years ago, the academy has undergone many changes including student demographics, preparation of faculty for teaching, and shifts in policies governing institutions of higher learning. Thus, we were interested to study whether student perceptions of teaching have also changed, by systematically replicating the original research that produced the TBC (Buskist, Sikorski, Buckley, & Saville, 2002). We collected responses from 516 undergraduates and are currently conducting confirmatory factor analysis to test for any changes in the behavioral anchors attached to each of the 28 TBC items or any changes in the three scales that comprise the measure. We expect to find some change in the behavioral anchors, but no changes in the items that constitute each of the scales.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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SETOP 2017