Using a Commercial Grade Brain-Computer Interface in Undergraduate Research

Most research EEG devices are expensive and require advanced skill to set up and interpret. Relatively recently, consumer grade brain-computer interfaces utilizing EEG technology have become available. Examples of these are the Emotive EPOC and the Emotiv Insight. These devices are wireless headsets that read brainwave signals, and then using a proprietary algorithm, translate this data into metrics that can be readily understood. The Emotiv Insight is a 5-channel version, which translates EEG data into six different emotional dimensions in real time – Excitement (Arousal), Interest (Valence), Stress (Frustration), Engagement/Boredom, Attention (Focus) and Meditation (Relaxation). This poster will display how the Insight has been used in undergraduate research, and a consideration of the usefulness and challenges of using such devices.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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SETOP 2017