What Predicts Introductory Psychology Students' Appreciation that Psychology is a Science?

Students should appreciate psychology as a science, even in introductory-level courses (APA, 2012). However, students may not have this perception. For example, though students showed greater knowledge of scientific principles in advanced methods courses compared to lower level methods, their belief that psychology was scientific did not differ across course levels (Holmes & Beines, 2009). The present study investigated the extent that major and demographic variables predicted the extent that students valued psychology as a science. Introductory Psychology students completed a survey regarding the extent they valued psychology as a science, and they provided their major, gender, expected grade, and class standing. The results revealed that major, class standing, and expected grade did not significantly predict the extent that psychology was scientific. However, men valued psychology as less science than women. These results suggest that an important gap  needs be bridged for men to value psychology as a real science.

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SETOP 2017