Amy LeFevre

Real name: 
Amy LeFevre
Instructor, Psychology Department
The Sage Colleges

My Motto:

Be here now.

Be Curious.

Go forward with purpose.


I feel that these three things are crucial to all students’ success in college and beyond. I think they also apply to those of us who are no longer students in school, but would like to remain students in life.



I teach a wide array of undergraduate courses, from introductory psychology to senior seminar. I especially enjoy teaching health, senior seminar, persuasion, and introductory psychology.


Research Interests

I am interested in how observers react to ambiguous physiological responses and the evolutionary inferences of such. I am also interested in the evolutionary implications of how mood affects decision-making.


Current projects

I am currently collaborating with Dr. Don Graves, Dr. Julie Lindenbaum, and students, in studies examining how mood affects decision-making, and how mood and personality attributes affect observer interpretations of an ambiguous physiological response, pupil dilation.



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